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blackunigryphon wrote in minimoguls
Biz Kids is a TV show often syndicated on PBS.

It teaches kids about financial aspects, and options in the country, most especially about how to make your own business, how to save money, and how to make money, and have a covered a wide variety of topics including TIPS & suggestions, as well as legal registration, and how to behave when conducting business.

And you WONDER why NeoConservatives want to DEFUND PBS & NPR types of content which is aimed at the poorer and lower middle class to help them achieve a better life, educational & cultural materials, confidence & encouragement, as well as explaining matters in a matter-of-fact laymen way, but also integrating a high vocabulary of terms or lexicons.

Watching TV programs such as this has LITERALLY inspired CHILDREN to become entrepreneurs, and is just as helpful, say, you are an adult wanting to understand these exact same topics.

If  a child can ALSO take advantage of the opportunities in THIS COUNTRY, and make the most of it, what to stop US?
Think about it!



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