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Alan Watts - 1969 Lecture to IBM Engineers
Black Unicorn
blackunigryphon wrote in minimoguls

I will post more infor that I have... but, I'm busy with several things, and don;t have the energy to focus on blogging it out, for about the next 7 days or so...

My daughter is "graduating" from elementary school, had Field Day (today), Girl Scouts Waterpark Camping tonight/Tomorrow, her birthday party tomorrow, some kind of associate vising my spouse this weekend (as of yet still unknown when to "eat out"), my father is divorcing (all kinds of dramas going on with that, often daily, or throughout the day), special election next week, and trying to get my kid into a music camp, then Independence Day.

Anyways, here's another lecture by Alan Watts. I personally find his words/work stimulating to my causes & purposes.


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