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Animation & Motion Pictures As An Original American Artform
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blackunigryphon wrote in minimoguls
Animation has had many forms throughout history, usually as still pictures, until a  zoetrope came along to show motion, in what is scientifically called "the persistence of vision".

Usually, when people think of movies, animation, video, and television they think of THE WEST COAST, specifically CALIFORNIA.

However, much of the origins, and the original ground-braeking groundwork it was based on BEGAN HERE on THE EAST COAST!


1 of THE most influential persons that inspired other inventors & scientists, as well as artists, was non other than:

Eadweard Muybridge he did the bulk of his scientific work at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Another EAST COAST inventor of the Motion Picture was Thomas Edison whom worked out of NEW JERSEY!

As the American Industry, based mostly in California, and sometimes in New York city, has become either out-sourced, or dismantled, the traditional 2d forms of animation are NO LONGER BEING PRESERVED. And, are being pushed aside for 3D, which is NOT always better.

Much of animation has been dumped onto Asia, or is being run in Asia.

Many of these jobs no longer exist. And, if you want to be an animator, you must do so, often, independently, or as a hobby...

There has been MUCH lobbying in the way of preserving many forms of culture, cultural, content, and arts, but sadly, animation isn't very respected. It's often scoffed at, sneered at, and dismissed in our culture.

Ultimately, I would like for us, to make it part of our mission to not just preserve this artwork, but to make it respectable. To PUT A FACE ON IT.

No one really SEES how it is done, all the work that goes into it, and don;t have an appreciation for it, even in our own country.

This is OUR American artform!

I think some of the problems, altho' I do like unions, is some of the things which go on in the animation Union.

For our purposes, we can't afford the union standards. But, we also don't live on the expensive location of California.

However, I HAVE found their website to be a VERY good resource for information!


Eventually, I would ultimately like for us to work towards animation projects, and shorts. But, we are developing our own business models, and doing away with the ones that are no longer valid.


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